New! The Affordable M80M!

Well after long last, you wanted it, and Meshuggah and Ibanez were listening.

After the successful introduction of the stellar M8M signature model, Meshuggah fans have been clamoring for a more affordable model with many of the main specs – most importantly the 29.4″ scale and new Lundgren M8P pickup, which are a huge proponent to the Meshuggah tone. These guitars are well built, which I can testify first hand having closely examined the first two samples.  One was an alder body and one was in ash. Both were finished in flat black. Mårten, Fredrik and Ibanez decided to go with ash as the body wood, both for tonal and appearance reasons. The attractive grain of the ash being visible through the well-finished, industrial flat black.

The new Lundgren M8P pickup now features longer-lasting plastic bobbins, changed from the original fibre-board. It also has the Lundgren logo printed on the rear coil. Sonically, these appear to be no different from the originals.

Because of the bolt-neck construction and ash body I found the M80M to be slightly ‘snappier’ tonally than the M8M. The fretwork was very good with no perceptible dead spots at all, and the neck profile was extremely comfortable, reminding me of a cross between the M8M and the RG2228. The neck is also reinforced with titanium rods, which does add noticeable and needed strength, especially with the extended scale length. A dual action truss rod is standard along with Ibanez’s cool swing-arm access cover.

Here is the initial spec sheet, along with some pics of the the very first prototype sample, which was now given to me as a wonderful gift by Fredrik! :)