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Dick Lövgren’s Warwick CS Dolphin Pro 1 “Kålåssen”, s/n H15713811

Scale: 34″
Neck: Neck-through, 7-pc flame maple w/ ebony stringers, quilt maple HS overlay
Neck Width: @ Nut- 1.856″, @ 12th- 2.785″, @ 26th- 3.300″
Fingerboard: Unbound wenge, MOP block inlays w/”Dick Lövgren” @ 24th
Frets + crowns: 26, Evo gold fretwire, .060″ H, .115″ W
Body: Sandblasted swamp ash wings w/quilted maple top cap
Finish: Trans-black stain under satin poly, natural neck
Pickups: 2 Bartolini narrow soapbar, active EQ
Misc. Hardware: Standard Warwick bridge/tailpiece, Schaller tuners, Warwick adjustable brass nut
Notes: Dick’s current favorite bass, it’s main feature is it’s extra-wide neck, and is an absolutely beautiful instrument. This bass is strung with (low to high) .125, .100, .080, .060, .040, and tuned A, F, Bb, Eb, Ab.

Dick Lövgren’s Warwick CS Dolphin Pro 1 “The Devil”, s/n B15339010

Scale: 34″
Neck-through 2 pc Ovangkol, swamp ash HS overlay
Neck Width:
@nut – 1.786″, @12th – 2.421″, @26th – 2.766″. Neck thickness: @1st – .757″, @12th – .930″
Wenge, MOP inverted cross inlay at 12th.
Frets + crowns:
26, Evo gold fretwire, .060″ H, .115″ W
Sandblasted swamp ash wings and top cap
Satin black poly body wings, natural neck
2 Bartolini narrow soapbars
Misc. Hardware:
Same as wideneck, but with adjustable plastic nut.
One of Dick’s workhorse basses, and is strung and tuned the same as the wideneck.

Dick Lövgren’s Warwick Stryker, s/n H151338 09

Scale: 34″
Neck: Neck-through 5pc Maple
Neck Width: @nut – 1.768″, @12th – 2.216, @24th – 2.435″
Fingerboard: Ebony, with MOP/abalone “Yin-Yang S” inlays
Frets + crowns: 24, Evo gold fretwire, .060″ H, .115″ W
Body: Mahogany wings
Finish: Gloss black poly.
Pickups: 2 MEC P-style mirrored, with MEC active EQ
Misc. Hardware: Usual Warwick HW in gold.
Notes: Big and badass, tuned to Bb Std.

Dick Lövgren’s Warwick Dolphin SN TCS, s/n H10908

Scale: 34″
Neck: 3 pc Ovangkol set-neck
Neck Width: Same as Dolphin Pro
Fingerboard: Wenge
Frets + crowns: Same as Dolphin Pro
Body: Afzelia
Finish: Dark brown stain under satin poly
Pickups: MEC Twin J bridge and J neck, 2-band MEC active EQ
Misc. Hardware: Standard Warwick
Notes: One of Dick’s backups, tuned Bb Standard

Fredrik Thordendal’s Ibanez ICB305EX, s/n J090753440

Notes: The bottom tip on this bass took a hit when it accidentally fell from a hanger in the control room.

Mårten Hagstrom’s Ibanez AGB200, s/n S10121301

The Tomas Haake Custom, no s/n

Scale: 34″
Neck: 5 pc Neck-through Wenge / Ash
Neck Width: n/a
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets + crowns: 24
Body: 5 pc bookmatched Wenge top/back wing caps, ash control covers
Finish: Natural oiled.
Pickups: 2 EMG J, 2 vol 2 tone
Misc. Hardware: brass ABM(?) bridge, gold Gotoh tuners, brass truss rod cover, mahogany nut
Notes: Yes, you’ve read that title correctly…just when you thought you’ve seen the talent limits of Meshuggah’s amazing drummer/lyricist Tomas Haake, he comes along and pulls this rabbit from his hat: a bass that he completely made himself!  It turns out that Tomas is very well-versed in carpentry and knowledge of exotic and tone woods, and one day some years ago decided to build a bass from scratch. This is made even more remarkable by the fact that he isn’t a bassist at all! This bass was occasionally used by former Meshuggah bassist Gustaf Hielm. Tomas has also hand-made a snare drum, which still sits in the studio among his collection of snare drums.

Fredrik Thordendal’s Vester Custom Shop Bass, s/n 53858

Notes: Of interest to Meshuggah fans, this very bass was played by either Fredrik or Mårten for the bass parts on every song of every album from Nothing to Obzen! Cool fact. :)

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