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Meshuggah is already well known for their use of 7 string and later 8 string guitars, but some fans might be surprised to learn that 6 string guitars are still utilized regularly in the studio. Fredrik Thordendal in particular is very fond of vintage Ibanez guitars, and is always on the hunt for nice examples from the mid to late 70’s.

All 6 string guitars are strung with 9-46 gauge strings, and tuned one half-step down to Eb Standard.

Fredrik Thordendal’s 1977 Ibanez Model 2459 Destroyer, s/n A776137

Notes: This is one of Fredrik’s favorite guitars, and with good reason: it has a buttery neck that feels fantastic, sounds great, and is in super-clean condition.   Fredrik used this guitar to record his guest solo on Gojira’s track “Of Blood And Salt”, and also for many of the solos on the latest Meshuggah album Koloss.

Fredrik Thordendal’s 1976 Ibanez Model 2387CT Rocket Roll Sr., s/n H765443

Notes: This guitar was Ibanez’s version of the classic 1958 Gibson Flying V, and it is in MINT condition.

Fredrik Thordendal’s 1976 Ibanez Model 2348 Firebrand, s/n B762397

Notes: In keeping with Ibanez’s other “lawsuit” Gibson copies from the mid-70’s, these were based around the original 1963-65 reverse Gibson Firebird V, but with a bolt-on neck and non-reverse style headstock. This instrument has been professionally refinished in nitrocellulose, and at some point, the original mini-humbuckers were replaced with normal Gibson humbuckers.

Fredrik Thordendal’s 1978 Ibanez IC200 Iceman, s/n K785627

Notes: Iceman’s just ROCK, and are another of Fredrik’s favorite designs. Again, this guitar plays like butter and sounds great. The post-locking Gibraltar bridge was always one of my favorite designs based on the classic Gibson Tunematic, and the 50/50 brass/bone nut is also very interesting.

Fredrik Thordendal’s Ibanez ICT700 Iceman, s/n I110125072

Notes:  Straight ahead production model, not used much.

Fredrik Thordendal’s 1975 Ibanez Artist 2663SL, s/n 54790

Notes: Another great addition to Fred’s vintage Ibanez collection, this was the second year of the beginnings of the ‘Iceman’ series, when they were still included in the ‘Artist’ series. Of the three available models, they all had interesting triple-coil pickups, and this model was the most unusual and rare of the three, which featured a single sliding triple-coil. More a curiosity than being really practical, the model lasted only two years and was made in low numbers. Great playing guitar!

Jens Kidman’s Bernie Rico Jr. Vixen custom, s/n B1431

Scale: 25.5″
Neck: 1pc mahogany neck-through, spalted maple headstock overlay
Fingerboard: Ebony w/ abalone ‘cyclone’ inlays, bone nut
Frets: 24 med-jumbo
Body: Mahogany wings, with spalted maple top
Finish: natural clear gloss, with gloss black top edging, sides and back wings.
Pickups & Elec: Bare Knuckle Painkiller pickups, 1 vol 1 blend,
Misc. Hardware: Grover Imperial tuners, black Tonepros Tunematic bridge
Notes: Jens is heavily into V guitars, and this beauty is definitely one of Bernie’s best offerings.

Jens Kidman’s BC Rich V Deluxe, s/n E09010236

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