‘Metal-up’ those boring toggle switch tips.

Here’s a cool way to ‘metal-up’ the boring, generic old Switchcraft 3-way toggle in only a few minutes. Using only a drill and few hand tools, there’s many small plastic, wood or metal items that would make interesting and cool switch tips. Dice, board game pieces etc, are some obvious examples.


In this case, it’s a rubber skull keychain from my late mom that has great sentimental value.


Using calipers, measure the switch shaft diameter to determine the pilot hole size. Because we’re going to tap threads into rubber, we drill quite undersized so the malleable rubber grips tight to the shaft. I went with a 2.5mm bit.


Measure the thread depth to the stop ledge.


Tape off your depth-stop on the drill bit using this measurement.


LOL. Now we shall CRUSH THE SKULL OF OUR HAPLESS VICTIM IN THE VICE OF VENGE-….um, place the piece to be drilled firmly in the vice.


Lol. I mean seriously, is there anything not made there now? Bonus points for the anatomically-correct moulding job though. 😀


Logically, we always drill in the thickest part and make sure the bit depth won’t penetrate through beforehand.


Drilled out to depth. Ream slightly to clear the hole nicely of debris, but be careful not to widen much.


Now a 6-32 tap (works for Switchcraft toggles) is used to gently cut some threads in the rubber.


Clean out the hole of cuttings and gently screw on. Watch for clearance when switched over back and forth. In this case I had to slightly trim the underside of the skull where it made contact with the toggle nut, using an x-acto blade.


😀  \\m//



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