Aaron Marshall’s new Boden 7


Another good bud, client and fantastic player Aaron Marshall of Intervals brought me another of his newest additions, and second fan-fret Strandberg Boden 7 to get a setup and overall checkup. It was also intended to install a new set of custom made Bare Knuckle Juggernaut pickups instead of the stock Seymour Duncan slanted Sentient/Pegasus combo, but the new pickups were unfortunately oversized and it was decided not to modify either at all.


As you can see, the width and flaring-out of the covered BK pickups was oversized for the cavities.


The stock pickup’s support foam shown is inadequate imo.


As a general rule, I always like to measure out and fill the cavity evenly with high-density foam, for much firmer support and helps to combat feedback excellently.


Fretwork on this example was excellent, with almost no tooling marks evident. Truss rod worked like a champ.


I’ve worked on a good handful of these Bodens now, and this particular example was one of the best that I’ve seen. I must say that the body finishing in particular was *outstanding*. Great job Strandberg/Washburn, a very, very good guitar overall.

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Mike Fortin’s ’90 HM Strat Ultra


My good friend and amp guru Mike Fortin brought in a cool piece of shred guitar history with a pedigree: this very axe was formerly owned by famed 80’s shredder Greg Howe, and used on one of his albums. The guitar clearly has been unplayed and in storage for some time, and has a separated skunk stripe crack on the back of the neck which will need repair and then sealed with some coats of Tru-Oil. It will also get a full fret dress in the neck jig.


This shrinkage is usually caused by a combination of dehydration and a poor glue join in this area. The internal pressure from the truss rod isn’t helping it’s case either.


As you can see, it’s a fairly substantial opening, and goes down into the truss rod cavity which can complicate things a little with sealing it.

To be continued…


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Yes, moved…again. :/

Hey all, I’ve moved yet again for the 2rd time since Sept 2013 into a new apartment away from the scuzzhole at 35 St Dennis. Due to my also working full-time at D’Addario Canada, it’s been tough getting motivated to get my little repair space back together again. But here’s a few pics of the initial room, and of course will evolve over time as I go. Some tools are on my bench at D’Addario, and there’s still a couple power tools and vices to get yet, which were too expensive to ship back from my shop in Norway. Starting fresh…




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