[Formerly AVH Guitar Repair]

Since 1982, repair tech Allen Hunter has been servicing instruments in Canada, Norway and Sweden. Working freelance from his home and as in-house repairman for large retail stores, he also ran his own shop in Oslo, Norway from 2010-13 before returning back to his hometown of Toronto Canada, where he currently works for D'Addario Canada and from home. Also a lifelong metal guitarist, he generally works for metal players with a particular focus on neck/fretwork and prime setups. Having had literally thousands of guitars cross his bench, including everything from plastic ukes to original sunburst Les Pauls, he insists there's always something new to learn.

Starting in 1982, repair tech Allen Hunter has been servicing instruments in Canada, Norway and Sweden for over 30 years. Through this time he teched for various known bands, worked freelance from his home shops and then as repairman for Long & McQuade from May 2006 to fall of 2010.  In September 2010 he moved to Oslo, Norway and opened his own shop AVH Guitar Repair as well as doing repairs for retail stores Riff Musik, Bassanova and full-time repair & maintenance for Swede metal icons Meshuggah before returning to his hometown of Toronto, Canada in Sept. 2013.  In October 2013 began doing Alvarez Guitar QC for D’Addario Canada until May 2016 when he went back to Long & McQuade as a full time repairman.  Working primarily for rock & metal players with a particular focus on neck / fretwork and prime setups.  Having had literally 10’s of thousands of guitars cross his bench – everything from plastic ukes to original vintage burst Les Pauls – he insists there’s always something new to learn and enjoys sharing knowledge.

Some notable clients include:

Mårten Hagstrom, Fredrik Thordendal, Jens Kidman, Dick Lövgren – Meshuggah
Matt Pike, Jeff Matz – High On Fire
Acle Kahney, James Monteith, Amos Williams – TesseracT
Ola Englund – The Haunted, Six Feet Under, Feared
Aaron Marshall  – Intervals
Tim Millar – Protest The Hero
Mike Fortin – Renown high-gain amp designer at Fortin and Randall Amplification
Mats Haugen – Circus Maximus
Pete Graves – Red Seas Fire
Alexander Klæboe, Christopher Marchand – Shot At Dawn
Zac Tiessen – Progressive Guitarist/Composer/Producer
Scotti Hill – Skid Row
Jim Clench – April Wine
Kevin Gale – Slik Toxik, Core
Tommy Hjelm – Insense, Beaten to Death
Persi Iveland – Original Dum Dum Boys bassist
Magnus Grønneberg – CC Cowboys
Torbjørn A. Raae – Tretopp Studio, session guitarist/Producer
Ole Marius Larmerud – Manifest
Andreas Berg – Vestlandsfanden
Mashadi Maximus – Ampora, Reign of Lies, Flight of Reason
Doron Zor – Big Bang Studios
Mirko Zadravec & Francisco Meza – My Favorite Headache
Roland Murray – Blizzard of Ozz, Tchort, Atrox
Chuck Schuldiner – Death
John Albani – Lee Aaron
Dave Hewson & Terry Sadler – Slaughter
D’Addario Canada
Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
RIFF Musikk Oslo
Bassanova Oslo

and many more….